Physical Training

Everyone has the potential to value, develop and maintain positive physical activity behaviours for life.

Physical literacy involves holistic lifelong learning through movement and physical activity. It delivers physical, psychological, social and cognitive health and wellbeing benefits. The Sport Australia Position Statement on Physical Literacy outlines our commitment to creating a healthier generation of more active Australians.

The Australian Physical Literacy Framework activates this commitment through the establishment of a common language to support all Australians develop their physical literacy, at every stage of life.


Physical literacy gives you:

  • physical skills and fitness
  • the attitudes and emotions that motivate you to be active
  • the knowledge and understanding of how, why and when you move
  • the social skills to be active with others.
Position Statement 


MBRC has an alignment with Snow Performance for dryland training.  

Sunday morning dryland sessions have been a very popular way for members to be introduced to the MBRC physical training programs. Equally as important, athletes and parents are able to meet up and socialise with other members in the off season and keep fit.  These sessions run during Terms 1,2 & 4. 

For further information please visit:

Or contact:
Rhys Artridge
Managing Director
Snow Performance
0428 919 330