MBRC Frequent Question & Answers




Where do I find out information about MBRC?

The best place for all information is on our website - www.mtbullerraceclub.com.au

How does my child apply to join MBRC?

New members register for a trial day in August and is usually on the last Saturday of the Victorian Interschools at Mt Buller. Once the date is confirmed, we will make it available on our website, advertised on facebook and through the Mt Buller Snow Squad program. Otherwise you can contact us to make a general enquiry

Minimum ability level?

This is determined by the tasks they are asked to perform on the trials day in late August - dates are on website. We also cross reference interschools results, years of skiing and overseas skiing etc. This also depends on the age of when they are starting the program and what program they are entering, ie older a greater ability level is required, younger less so. There are also other determining factors as to whether they can enter at an older age.

How do I re-apply for the following MBRC season ?

Existing members get the first chance to re-apply and this period is usually in November. We will notify you by email as to when this renewal membership is open and is completed online.

How young do you accept children into the program?

Under 10, so then need to be turning 8 in their first year of the program.
When will I find out if my child has been successful in obtaining a position at MBRC

We will notify you by email after the various closing off periods for membership renewals has closed.

As a reference, here is the 2024 Member application process for a guide to when this email may be forthcoming.

When and where do I get my Jacket from and is it included in the program fees ?

Your Jacket can be purchased from the shop and before every season we have a Jacket collection at Mt Buller from the clubhouse.


What programs are available from MBRC?

We are a year round club that offers a variety of programs, with our main program offering over the Term 2 school holidays and throughout Term 3. We offer Full time and Weekend programs for Snowboarders, Skiers and Masters (Parents). Look over the Launch Document for all the details about the 2024 programs.

Are lift passes included in the fees or do we get a discounted lift pass by being an MBRC member?

Lift passes are not included in the fees and will need to be purchased online from Buller Ski Lifts. There are no ticket/pass discounts for MBRC members, however MBRC Members get a 20% discount at Mt Buller Ski Lifts operated retail stores like Altitude and 10% discount Food and Beverage outlets such as Abom and Spurs.

Where do I meet on the first day ?

We usually meet on the first morning of the program at the Moosehead Bar located on the lower level of the Abom Restaurant at Mt Buller. Times are always communicated well in advance of the day so everyone can be on time.

Is my child able to skip any coaching sessions ?

For the benefit of the athlete and coach, it is best that athletes try and make all sessions for continuity and progression. Skipping sessions to compete in non MBRC club races that are held at the same time as our program hours are not recommended. If your child can't attend a session for whatever reason then please advise the coach or the office if the coach is not available.

Do I get a refund if my child misses training days ?

No. Only in circumstances where a concussion rules your child out of sport will MBRC make it's best endeavours to place your child in a current season program to try and make up days lost.

Do I get a refund from the Mt Buller Snow Squad program if we change to MBRC before the season starts?

Yes, but this needs to be done well before the due time and in full consultation with MBRC and the Mt Buller Ski School.

What does the masters program entail and how do I apply?

The program is available to all parents on Friday or Saturday mornings through the season. Further details can be found on the website.

We cater for many levels of experience and the coaches will assign you to a group based on what you intend to get from the program.

Are there any affiliate overseas programs during the Australian off-season?

MBRC are now providing overseas programs during the Australian off-season and camp opportunities for alpine athletes in the Northern Hemisphere Winter and Spring period.

When are the fees due?

The balance for all programs fees is due by March 31st.

Can my child do “drop in” training or additional training?

Yes, there are additional training opportunities in the early season and late season, outside of the normal program period. These additional days are purchased through the online shop

Single drop during the regular season program days are only available if we have space available and at the discretion of the program director. All enquiries should be directed through the MBRC office.

Are there any financial support opportunities or scholarships?

We are currently exploring different options available to athletes and families who require financial or other assistance to participate in one of our programs.

Is there an opportunity for athletes to participate in dry land training during the off- Season?

MBRC have off season Dry Land training on Sunday mornings during term 1,2 and 4.

Additionally we have third party providers who we recommend to members who are experienced enough to participate in one of these types of programs.


How does coaching work and are there different coaches for different ability levels?

We match the coach to the group. We have age group leaders that are responsible for looking after each age and they are very experienced. Depending on availability, some of ur best coaches are looking after the youngest groups for example. Currently we have a coach pathway where coachers are coming out of our program as ex athletes.

When will I find out who my child’s MBRC Coach and group are?

Groups and coaches are confirmed a day prior to the program commencing.

How are the groups selected?

Selection is based on things like age, ability, friendship groups and program numbers. See the selection policy for a more detailed outline.

Can my child change groups?

Assignment into groups is final. Only the General Manager has the ability to change an athlete into another group and will call on the coach and leadership team if required for further input.

Can I hire a coach privately?

Any MBRC coach is available for private hire through the Mt Buller Ski and Snowboard School except those coaches directly employed by MBRC such as the Head Snowboard Coach, The Head Ski Cross Coach and the Alpine Coordinator and Program Director. Full Time athletes are forbidden to hire coaches on their days off.

What if my child is being bullied in the group or from other members of MBRC?

Any problems that are occurring in the group need to be brought to the immediate attention of the Coach and/or Program Director. We will not tolerate bullying or any other behaviour that breaches the Athlete Code of Behaviour or Coach Code Of Behaviour and will be dealt with in accordance with the Disciplinary Procedure Policy